The Wise Woman Tradition teaches us to be compassionate, understanding and receptive to others and ourselves.


The symbol for this tradition is the spiral because it honors the flow of life and its various layers.

As a heart-centered tradition, it is a process by which I guide you through conscious conversations with the intention of uncovering truths previously known or unknown.


This also involves working through distressing emotions,
and learning the art of ‘being in’ your present circumstances with compassion for yourself and others.

This tradition is not the same as counseling, but works with each human's innate inner 'Wise One' as a way to deliberately and lovingly engage with any distressing experiences.

Wisdom Processes

Conscious conversations and listening
Completion conversations
Release work
Caregiver support
Developing a co-created personalized ritual
Supporting the grieving process
Letting go of attachments
Engaging with fears of death
Legacy work

Debbie Charbonneau

Shamanic Death Doula

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