The shamanic practitioner is a bridge between everyday physical realities and the spiritual dimensions, also known as subtle realities.


These are energies that we interact with in our day-to-day lives without being fully aware of them.


As a bridge between these dimensions, Shamanic Practitioners advocate on behalf of others in order to create a better experience of living and a more peaceful dying process.

Shamanic Offerings

Shamanic Journeying 


A process by which I can act on your behalf to change consciousness to a
healthier state, in order to create a better experience of living and a more peaceful dying process.

Personalized rituals and ceremonies


Specific and personalized rituals and ceremonies are co-created to support the unique circumstances of your living and dying journey. 



Extraction is a technique by which an intrusive energy is disposed of, or neutralized in order to cause a more harmonious experience in the individual.

Soul Retrievals


This process is done when there is a soul loss - for example, a loss of
personal power which sometimes happens after a trauma. The Shamanic
Practitioner journeys to retrieve the soul part, working together to bring it back in a more healed state. This work is done to create a better overall living experience for the individual.



Clearing is when a Shamanic Practitioner works with the Nature Spirits and other Helper Spirits to create a more unified, whole, harmonious environment between spirit and matter.

Clearings can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances -  for example, moving to a new house, after loss, trauma, or other perturbance occurring in the living space.  Clearings can be done both indoors and outdoors. This can be useful for anyone, no matter their state of health.

Debbie Charbonneau

Shamanic Death Doula

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