Using time-honored Shamanic and Wisdom processes, I serve each individual in a unique way, co-creating a personalized process that is both empowering and transformative.

End-of-Life Planning
Ceremonies and Rituals
Legacy Work
Grief Support
Shamanic Journeying
Soul Retrievals
Archetypal Consultations

My services are for everyone.

For caregivers, 


Support in acknowledging the others’ expectations of you, as well as your own.


Support for how to live with the constantly evolving ‘new normal’ of caregiving for someone whose health is progressively declining.


For all family and friends,


Support in being with, and coming to acceptance of your loved one’s dying process.



For everybody,


Those who want to explore the teachings and mysteries of Death’s lessons for the living. 

For those who need their space, indoors or outdoors, cleared of old or disturbing energies.

I am open to work with people with or without any spiritual or religious affiliation.

I work with individuals, families, and animals. 

Fees and Rates

Appointments can be done in person, over the phone, or using Skype. 

All appointments are from 1-2 hours long, and are at a rate of $85.00/hour.


Please notify me 24hrs ahead by text or phone at 613-619-1969, charges may apply for cancellations within 24hrs.

Debbie Charbonneau

Shamanic Death Doula

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